Naruto Gaiden is out! Chapter Review of 700 + 1

One of the most anticipated manga chapter is now out!

NG 1

Myself, being one of the ones waiting for this chapter.

It is so great except for the whole Sasuke being a jerk to his wife and daughter and not being there when or since Sarada has been born. I think the only things that fans will truly be upset over is the end of the chapter. I know I was, because of what Sarada has found and most likely thinks from it. Which is totally not true! I just really hope Sasuke gets home soon to care for them both and to fix the misunderstanding  for everyone.

Although I was super happy to see all of the other children and their parents again. My favorite being Naruto, it was great to see him hanging out with his son playing tag! So cute!


To read the actual chapter for yourself go here to Manga Stream.


Let me know what you guys think of the chapter and what it could mean for the rest of the short series!


Review of Naruto Chapter 700

Naruto chapter 700 page 1


Review: If you have not read chapter 699 and 700, you need too. But also because there will be spoilers throughout this review, this is your only warning.

Alright now that that’s out of the way, I will say that it was very hard for me to read this chapter because other than its the last one I will ever read. It was because I kept crying at every page I saw, I still do. I’m not the most emotional person, I don’t like crying, its weird. But for Naruto and the gang, I was and still am, a blubbering fool.

Its very hard to review this last chapter to an amazing life long story, of a young boy who was up to no good. But the last chapter starts the same way, a young boy up to no good with the same yellow hair and whiskers on his face.

I know that many fans were and are still very upset with Kishimoto for ending the last chapter with everyone getting together, having kids and  peace in the world. I am not one of these fans. Yes, the ending did feel hurried, yes I am still wondering what happened to some characters ( Orochimaru, the rest of Sasuke’s Hawk team, and Yamato). I mean really we saw them alive at the end of the war in chapter 699, I’m still surprised that Yamato is alive because its been like what 3 years since we have seen him in the manga?

BUT! I’m all good with these questions and how the manga ended. Because I feel and think that it is very disrespectful that people are hatting on the manga and Kishimoto for how he ended things.

The best part of the last chapter… THE KIDS!!!!! My god are they the cutest things you have ever seen! ugh, I love how fans are already flocking to them and shipping them together! I just really love how they are so much like their parents. You know who I’m talking about….

Another great part to me of the chapter was  the couples that fans have shipped for years are FINALLY CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10488290_315852161945468_8675756360804941829_n

Naruto and Hinata = Bolt ( BO-RU-TO) ( a boy) and Himawari ( Sunflower) (a girl)

Sasuke and Sakura = Salad  (a girl)( yes that is really her name, but don’t worry I have no doubts that Sasuke and Sakura will have a boat load of more kids) Also just because she has glasses does not mean that she is Karin’s daughter with Sasuke, because come on guys he is not that stupid.

Shikamaru and Temari = Shikadia ( just like his dad, its so funny!) ( a boy)

Ino and Sai = Inojin ( a little creepy) ( a girl)

Choji and Karui  = Chouchou ( Butterfly) ( a girl)

Lee and ? = A boy that looks just like lee ( there is no name for the child or any indication on who the  mother is)

so yup.


We also get to see some of our favorites all grown up and their children they left behind. I think you all know who I’m talking about.

Oh and of course I would like to address the bad comments about Naruto and Sasuke being bad dads, I mean really!? They both had a tough time growing up and were alone. Just because they are not with their child every second of the day does not make them bad. In my opinion I think that they would be the best dads ever because of how they grew up. So shame on the fans who think that they are bad dads.

I think the only things I have left to say now is……


Oh and also I would like to say I cant wait for the spin off series about Naruto’s son Bolt. I have only read this chapter with him in it but I love him already and ship him with Salad.

just kidding I would not leave you guys hanging without seeing this

Naruto chapter 700 page 20

Naruto chapter 700 page 21

Naruto chapter 700 page 22




Review of Naruto chapter 699


Review of chapter 699: Ugh, nope. I still don’t want to write this post. My reason why is because than its over. I really don’t want it to be.

Anyway chapter 699-The whole chapter is from Sasuke’s point of view. Which is pretty cool because throughout the whole series he barley talks or reflects on his life. The only we readers get from him is Revenge! Blah!

But it was really great to see from his view point. We also get to see how he and Naruto are dealing with losing their arms. It seems that Sasuke want to keep it as is and Naruto gets some sort of replacement. Which is good. I think Sasuke didn’t want to get an arm because he felt that if he get it he would do bad all over again and have the power overtake him.

We also get to see some faces that we have not seen for years, because we were in other areas of the battle. We get to see everyone go home and have a funeral for Neji. Still sad about that.


Also we learn that Kakashi Hatake becomes that next Hokage ( The 5th). Which is ok, because Naruto still needs to learn something’s become that next step. Even though I’m still a little ticked about it. This in turn means that he was able to pardon Sasuke. Then Sasuke leaves again, but will come home this time because he just wants to see the world without bias eyes. The only thing I was doing at this time was yelling thank god that he is back to normal! Whoo!

Sakura does try to go with him but he pokes her in the forehead like his brother did to him and told her “I’ll see you when I get back”. Word by word I kid you not. Although this was as close as we will see Sasuke give affection! I’m still shipping Sasuke and Sakura!!!! All the way…

Then lastly the moment before he leaves we get to see a nice moment between him and Naruto and his old headband. Yup.

I know that many feel that the ending was rushed but guys the war has been going on for years. Not in  the manga ( its only been about a day) but to the readers it has been a long ass arc. I do feel that some things we left out but its ok as long as the Last movie and chapter 700 fills in the blanks.

NARUTO CountDown! 0 Days Left


Yeah I know I’m a day late, I was in Seattle yesterday. All Day. Sorry. I am also sorry for no Manga Monday yesterday, but next week there will be one!

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well, even though the series is over. Me, myself and I are barley holding on it seems like.

Anyway to my first memory with Naruto. Or should I say my first day?

Almost nine years ago to the day, I was at school in 5th grade. when a close friend of mine, came up to me and was talking about a show called Naruto. I had heard little about it and seen the commercials. She told me to watch it, but I said it was stupid and did not even look good.

She just looked at me and said to give it a try.

Later that day at 5pm when it was on, I took a look. And then I started yelling at the TV. Now if any of you remember Haku, well I do. He was my first favorite character. I cant even tell you why, I just remember that I really liked him and thought he was cool.

But I also thought He was a She. That was why I was yelling at the TV.

So everyday after if I was at home of my grandmas, I would watch the show. My Grandma actually really likes it too. She thinks its funny.

But on that first day I saw a my first favorite character, my first couple I shipped ( wanted together was a burning intensity of a thousands suns) Sasuke and Sakura.  And I also saw a kid who had been told most of his life that he would be nothing, but he still had his dream to be the best and prove everyone wrong.

I don’t think I have had a day like that since.

 To me it almost feels like falling in love, because man what a sucker punch!

A manga has never changed my life as much as this one did, and I am so  happy it did.



NARUTO CountDown! 1 Day Left


Ugh, I messed up my countdown guys. I’m sorry. But I will make today and tomorrow great!

So if you are one of those fans who reads the newest chapters online, then you already know the ending to Naruto. ( like I do).

But tomorrow it officially comes out in Japan…

Which means that its really over.

I’m not going to talk about in this post, but I will in my review of the last two chapters and a special blog post to Naruto later this week.

Anyway on to another story of myself and Naruto.

Many of you might not know this but Naruto was my first real read, and by this I mean it was the first book I actually read that I wanted to. I didn’t even start with the first book, I started with volume 12, because it was the latest one out. And I got it at Wal-Mart.

It took me days to read that one book. Now it barely takes me a half hour to read one manga book anymore. After that I was hooked, I wanted to know everything there was to know about the series and the kid Naruto. I even carried all the manga books of Naruto that I had with me to school every day. And this was back in 5th grade, I had two back packs that I carried. After reading that first book though, I finally felt that I found myself. I felt that I knew that it was not a passing faze, like my parents thought ( but they were just happy that I was reading, so they got me all the manga I wanted back then).  I don’t think for the rest of my life I will ever forget that moment when I read the 12th book, and finally felt like I found myself.

Tomorrow is D day guys, so I will be sharing my first ever enchanter with Naruto, along with my first thoughts.


NARUTO CountDown! 4 Days Left


Yes, I know I did not do day 5, but my power went out.

Although, I don’t know if even then I would have been able to.

If you have guessed I have read the last two chapters of Naruto. I’m still very shocked that my ship’s ARE REAL!!!!!

And that its all over. Ugh, I will post my review on the last two chapters tomorrow, because, well I need more time.

Anyway. Another thing that I got from Naruto was….

To never give up and to always believe in yourself, no matter what!

Which is and can be very inspiring to a 12 year old girl, who had been told that she would not be much in her life.

So, I think what I am saying is, never give up on your dreams because if a fictional character can do, you sure as hell can too!

P.S Only one of the pictures from the leaks that I posted was not real. If you don’t know which it was, it was Sasuke and Sakura kissing. ( Don’t let that fool you, they do end up together!)


NARUTO CountDown! 6 Days Left


Happy 6 days left…

I know if any of you are feeling like me today ( who are waiting for the final two chapters to be posted in English), you might be losing your cool. I know I am. I have cried so many times today and it is only noon so far. I’m just ready for the chapter to be uploaded.


If any of you have been online there has been a number of leaks for the last chapters and for the last movie last night and today. I have looked at all of them, and I can now say I WANT THE LAST CHAPTER NOW PLEASE!!!!

Because the leaks have been about everyone growing older, Naruto has a some what right arm, cant really tell. But I have see pictures of the children. I am still crying with happiness ( even though I’m not sure if its real yet). But I’m holding out hope about the kids.

Also there has been news  about the spin off series of Naruto. It will be years in the future but mostly about a young boy ( Naruto’s son) and a little about his dad. So yep, lots of water works today.

Here are some links to the leaks and some pictures

here article this is about the last movie and here is a preview of it

and here article is about the spin off.

Oh and before I forget the big news about the movie other then the fact that all of the characters have new designs, the author of Naruto has confirmed that the movie is about LOVE. Mostly Naruto and Hinata!!!!!!!!!


NARUTO CountDown! 7 Days Left


only 7 more days till the end comes out in japan. But for the ones who read online, tomorrow or Thursday, it will be here.

Ugh, still not ready…

Anyway, todays life lesson is….

Yep, you guessed it,


I don’t think it took a mind reader to see that one coming.

anyway, I have learned that revenge is not a good thing from following the series. Nope, not at all.

What life lessons have you learned from the series? Let me know in the comments! 


NARUTO CountDown! 8 Days Left


8 days left…
Ugh, I’m not ready. I will never be ready for this.

well then I guess today I will talk about some of the life lesson that the series has taught me….

Life lesson-1

an older sibling will do anything and everything for another ( younger) sibling.

My little sister was still a toddler when I started watching the show, and I was still trying to get the hang of being a big sister. I was not so sure what I was supposed do yet…

But by watching and reading the series I got to see Naruto and Sasuke, Neji and Hinata, and Itachi & Sasuke. and how they worked together and protect each other in anyway they could. I know that some of these examples are not the best but by the end of the series they are. Anyway after seeing how Naruto and Sasuke acted like brothers even though they were not. It was like it clicked in my head, how I was supposed to be and act for my sister. I’m not saying its still not hard even now, I’m just saying its better because of then.

What have you learned for the series? Let me know in the comments!!