Guess What’s On My Mind! #1 draft

Hi! This is another all new post made and hosted by Ali’s Reviews and More.

The things talked about here will be all about books, fandom, cosplay, and all other random ideas that have popped into my head.

So for my first ever post of this new theme….

Book Signings

Book signings or also known as Author events is when one or more author come to your area ( or convention, or you travel to meet/see them) to get your books signed.

Now at theses events the authors will talk about their newest book and doing a reading, along with a Q & A. Then they will sign all of your books or a specific number ( depends on author and place). They can sign it with just their name, or to you ( that’s personalized). Or/and add a little something, something ( tagline from book, or it’s was nice to see you).

Now on to why this is on my mind, and why I’m talking to you in the first place.

Part one

Lately I have been going to book signings for authors that I have not read anything from, but I hear great things and they are really popular authors. I have gone to five book signings ( that I can think of at the moment)  and ( bought almost all the books by that author), but only the ones that interested me. When I think back on it, I notice that some of my book blogger friends might have strongly recommended the rest of the books. And I also seem to get caught up in the hype and excitement for the author and their books. It’s not a terrible thing to happen, except the being broke and never finding time to start reading the books.

The really big flip side to this is reading things my newish friends have read and being able to talk about more things with them now. Reading out of my comfort zone and finding some great new titles to read.

Part two

Another thing I have noticed since going to book signings, is the great people you meet. Also the swag is pretty great too.

Over the years of going to countless different book signings, I have meet some of the nicest people. I have even been able to meet with some other book bloggers and  have great chats with them about books. But I love that once you guys become friends, if you cant make it to assigning they will get your books ( or books for you signed!) and vise versa. They also have your back with seating  and meeting up earlier to go eat at the good places near the event. I love doing this with my group of girls that normally go to the same signings as me, it is so much fun and we talk about books the whole time. I love talking with people about books that I have or have not read yet. I also like to hear different peoples thoughts on books I have loved or not loved because it always gives me different view on them.

What do you guys do for book signings? Do you even go to the signs or just order them? Or does having the book signed not matter to you? Let me know in the comments!!!