Review of Deep, Dark & Dangerous (Vikings Underground #4) by Jaid Black

Deep, Dark & Dangerous (Vikings Underground #4)  by Jaid Black


Review: Ok I was so disappointed by this book and another short story of the series that I have read so far. The first short story I read about this series was so good and sucked me in with the intrigue that it created. And so far this is the first actual book from the series that I have been able to find anywhere.

The overall plot idea for this series, I think is great. But so far I feel as if the author is not pushing it as far as she could and just bein overly simple and bland with it.

If she re-amped up the series going bigger and darker with it. It would be the greatest in the world, or just super good.

The characters and the slow boring plot were draining to read to me. I was just hoping the book would end soon or maybe get better. But sadly no, that was not the case. Although I do think if I can find the other books in this series I would get them and read them to see if they are all the same or if some do have that beautiful book goodness to them.

2 out of 5 stars.

265 pages. Paperback.

Adult Romance. Fiction. Fantasy. Paranormal. Contemporary. Mature Themes. Mature Content.

Published by Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group.

Summary: A star in a world of wealth and privilege….

Fed up with Hollywood backstabbing, famous movie actress Madalyn Simon decided to escape the spotlight. Her new back-to-basics existence in an Alaskan cabin did take getting used to, but at least she was in control of her own destiny — or so she thought. While snowmobiling on the frigid coast with her sister, the pair is taken hostage by a band of rough men who want them — for reasons beyond imagining.

A captive in a world of inescapable seductions….

They are neo-Vikings from a hidden underworld, in search of women Outsiders to breed for the New Sweden clan. Their sexy leader, Otar, wants only one woman: Madalyn. Overpowered by his masculine strength and unmasked desire, Madalyn must become Otar’s wife or face the marriage auction block. Now, in a world beyond dreams and as real as the hot flesh of her enticing warrior-husband, Madalyn discovers the power of an all-consuming passion — as the fires of revolution threaten all she has come to love….

-Summary from


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