Manga Monday! #84- Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland by CLAMP

Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland by CLAMP


Review: This book is just a cute one short story of Alice in Wonderland, that CLAMP does a really good job on. Lots of funny and silly, but lots of detail and great artwork to go along with the loveable plot and characters.

3 out of 5 stars.

1 volume.

Manga. Shojo. Fantasy. Comedy. Fiction.

Published by TokyoPop.

Summary: There are many worlds in the universe outside of our own, connected by doors that are hidden to the eye. but if you chance upon those doors, you can be transported to a place where supple beauties reign supreme and all of your fantasies come allve. Should you pass through the doorways, be most careful, for the creatures you will meet can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. Many would die for a glimpse at those worlds–Miyuki would do anything to have them go away.

-Summary from


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