Review of Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful Bastard #3.5) by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful Bastard #3.5)  by Christina Lauren18051336

Review: Oh my gosh! I completely love this book, just thinking of it now. I cant stop the smile from forming on my face.

This book was great from start to finish. Mostly because Bennett is pure evil and super funny. He plays the best prank on Will ever and even Hanna is in on it. The prank ( which I will not tell you about because spoilers), goes on throughout the small book. But is so funny that it feels as if its it’s own plot too. I kid you not, you will be laughing your butt off the whole time your reading the book, after the prank comes into play.

5 out of 5 stars.

200 pages. Paperback.

New Adult. Romance. Contemporary. Novella. Mature Content. Mature Themes.

Published by Gallery Books.

Summary: One beautiful bastard of a groom. The most beautiful bitch of a bride. A panty-ripping office hook-up turned true love everlasting.

Wedding bells can’t chime soon enough for Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan. Chloe, exasperated and stressed by all the last-minute to-dos, is on the verge of saying “I do” to eloping. For his part, Bennett’s so worried about being distracted by Chloe’s body that he makes a no-sex-until-the-wedding-night rule that only seems to be making things worse by continually backfiring on him. As their crazy families descend for the big day- only a few of them actually trying to be helpful- the fiery lovers are about to test whether the couple that argues together can keep it together long enough to exchange rings, and not just heated words.

-Summary from


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