Manga Monday! – # 72 Very! Very! Sweet by Ji-Sang Shin, GEO

Very! Very! Sweet  by Ji-Sang Shin, GEO


Review: Although at times this series seemed a bit too dull or too dramatic for my taste. It still managed to keep me well interested throughout the whole series. Most likely due to the funny situations the characters got into, or because the covers along with the art style for this series is so beautiful.

3 out of 5 stars.

1-8 volumes.

Young Adult. Manga. Contemporary. Drama. Romance.

Published by YEN PRESS.

Summary: A spoiled brat from a wealthy Japanese family, Tsuyoshi is unceremoniously shipped off to Korea by his strict grandfather who tells him the family secret – they’re Korean! Sparks fly when the resentful high schooler arrives at the airport and shares an impromptu cab ride with Kang Be-Ri, a plucky girl who happens to be his new neighbor. Will the two ever get past their differences? And will Tsuyoshi learn to accept his new destiny? 

-Summary from


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