Manga Monday! # 71- MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) by Nobuyuki Anzai

MAR  (Marchen Awakens Romance) by Nobuyuki Anzai


Review: A really fin and out of this world kind of Manga to read. With magic and different reality’s, and huge chess matched battles. One of an old classic that I love to re-read and re-watch the anime all over again! Although the series is a bit on the kid side of manga / anime, it still holds a lot of interesting bits for older viewers/readers.

4 out of 5 stars.

1-15 volumes.

Young Adult. Manga. Romance. Adventure. Magic. Fighting. Fantasy.

Published by VIZ Media LLC.

Summary: The fate of Mär Heaven lies in the hands of Ginta and his fellow members of Team Mär! They must defeat the Phantom and his ruthless Zodiac chess pieces in the deadly War Games. The fifth battle is set in a desert field, and the first round pits Princess Snow of Team Mär up against a powerful bishop class Zodiac–the perfect opportunity for Snow to try out her newest ÄRM! 

-Summary from


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