Manga Monday! #69- Cynical Orange by Ji-Un Yoon, Ji-Un Yoon

Cynical Orange by Ji-Un Yoon, Ji-Un Yoon


Review: This series is one of the best and weirdest that I have read that YenPress has published so far. The only reason I am saying it’s weird is because of how real and complex the characters and plot were. That added along with the stunning artwork that manages to capture the every emotion that the characters feel in the intense moments of the manga. Even when I go through my manga to re- organize everything, I always seem to get lost within the pages of this manga every time I see it.

4 out of 5 stars.

1-9 volumes.

Young Adult. Romance. Manga. Mature Content. Mature Themes. Drama.

Published by YenPress.

Summary: The life of hottest girl in school is not easy. Sure, all the boys in school are in love with you, but it also means that every girl in school is trying to destroy your life! Vicious rumors and gossip follow everywhere you go. But Hye-Min Hwang is not a delicate damsel in distress. She knows that there is nothing more satisfying than sweet revenge. That is, if it were not for her secret crush, Jung-Yun. He makes her want to hide her cynical dark side, put on an innocent, pretty face, and endure all the backstabbing lies. But when she finds out that he’s the only guy in school who hasn’t fallen for her, it’s time for Hye-min’s sweet revenge. Her first victim is Ma-Ha, a playboy who’s been begging for her attention for as long as she’s known him…

-Summary from


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