Manga Monday! # 65- St. Lunatic High School, Vol. 1 by Majiko!

St. Lunatic High School, Vol. 1 by Majiko!

Review: I was super in love with this series when it first came out. I is super cute and fun to read! But like most TokyoPop manga, there were only two volumes to the series. Which is really sad because the story could have gone on into a full blown great series. there was so much more of the story that could have been told or could have gone! Overall though this manga is still one of my favorites from TokyoPop, maybe one day in the future it will be picked up y VIZ Media and go even farther with the series.
4 out of 5 stars.
1-2 Volumes.
Manga. Shojo. Romance. Paranormal.
Published by TokyoPop.
 Forced to attend the prestigious St. Lunatic School, Niko Kanzaki discovers a haunting secret in her demon-filled night-classes! She applies higher learning to find out the differences between humans and demons, but the handsome and mysterious Ren shows her that the races also share some things in common…Ah, yes, high school–filled with cute boys, delicious secrets, and debonair demons…oh, my! MAJIKO-sensei’s first manga series is an A+ of magical hotness.
-Summary from

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