Birthday/ October Book Haul!

So here is my big birthday book haul from October!


I got to go on a big of a trip to Portland for a few days, so of course I went to Powell’s!!! I found so many books at such a great deal! I am in the process of writing up the reviews for these books, so look out for them!!!


I got one in the mail, autographed and the other at target!


This was my first trip to Half Price Books this October. So many good books!


These are from my second trip to Half Price Books this October! I was super happy to find all of these there!!!!


I came home from a book signing (  Patrick Ness), and found these waiting for me outside! My parents are now worried I might have a problem…


The books on the left are from the book signing and are autographed! All but Six of Crows. Everything on the right came from the boxes!!!!


And this is where I put all of my book haul before I moved them into my room. I am looking forward to reading so many of these, I can’t wait!!!

Have any of you gotten any go book hauls recently? Tell me what you got!!


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