Top Ten Tuesday! Oct.6

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!





October 6:  Top Ten Bookish Habits I Want to Quit

1. Stopping in the middle of the series

I do this a lot too, a lot of times I stop at the second or third book in a series. Mostly because I can’t find the next book, or I’m not super into it. Or sometimes I forget.

2. Hiding books

For some reason I hide books all around my house. One part being that I don’t have a spot for them yet, and the second reason being I don’t want my stepmom to know how many new books I bought. So I end up hiding them in my car, my room, under my clothes and in my bed.

3. Not reading the rest in the series

Sometimes I end up buying box sets or just the whole series of books. I do this because I’m at a book signing or I find them really cheap. But a lot of series I have ( mostly from book signings) I don’t end up reading the rest of the series. I know I suck and that this is bad, so I’m trying to stop. But it’s so hard. 

4. Not buying a book in the series ( at a good price), because it’s not the next book I need yet

I kick myself every time I do this. I need to jut shut up  at buy the dang book so that later I won’t have to go searching for it.

5. Not Reviewing books right away

I have the biggest mountain of books right now and it keeps growing. I never have enough time to write reviews because of school and all of the conventions that I keep going to last minute. But I always have time to read. But because of this I don’t remember a book right away when I do get time to review it later. So after this month I plan to fix this, hopefully.

6. Making too many need to buy list’s all over the place

I am a crazy list person, I like list’s and plans. Even if I don’t completely follow through on it, I like that I can come back to it and finish it. But I have so flipping many list’s of books to buy. I’m going to try and make a master list with them all on it.

7. Not leaving enough space on a shelf for a genre of books

I have to re-shelve more then I would like. Now this would be fine, but because I have so many books everywhere. It takes me days to do this, sometimes a week.

8. Putting off my To Be Read shelf

I have three book shelves in my room that have the books that I need to read pronto. I can start off good reading them. then it’s like I get a new book and my brain yells “SHINY!” . And then from there I get nothing done, till months later.

9. Borrowing my friends books when I already have too much to read

I have a friend who keeps making me borrow books! I love it, but it sucks. Because I already don’t have room for them and I’m trying to get what I already have done. And I end up feeling awful because I take so long to give them back.

10. Being too lazy to read

When I have nothing, and I mean nothing to do. Like on my summer breaks from classes, I get almost zero books read. I am super slow and it takes me forever to read or I just wont. I watch a lot of TV and work on the blog a lot. Then when it comes time to post a review, I got nothing.

What are your Top ten bookish habits that you wish you didn’t have? Let me know in the comments!


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