Top Ten Tuesday! Sept.15

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!





September 15: Top Ten Favorite Anime TV shows/ Movies

1. Kill La Kill


This is one of  the newer anime that I have just finished and loved! I know its plot and perverted-ness in the show are not that good. But the show is just really funny and ridiculous. The animation is top notch though, along with the coolest characters ever.  But be warned it is Mature Themes and Content in it.

2. Magi


I have just started watching this anime and I really like it so far. I am reading the series and thought that I should give the anime a try .

3. Summer wars


I get so excited when I watch this movie, it’s just so good!

4. Wolf Children


The animation is great, the pot, the characters, everything. I can’t not watch this movie and cry, because it is just so touching and cute. Very powerful meanings.

5. Kiki’s Delivery Service


Can anyone say best movie in the world?

6. Howls Moving Castle


Okay, I love this movie and it’s book series too. And I ship it so hard!

7. FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood


I really enjoyed this version of FMA, because I can’t stand the original series. I just felt that it had a lot of weird stuff going on with bad animation. But that’s to be expected when the author and creator is not on board with the project. Anyway Brotherhood has cleaner animation and the plot makes sense/ follows the magna series too! Plus the ending is WAY better then the original.  

8. Princess Mononoke


The meaning in this movie and the different view points on the situation is great. The plot and artwork still get me, and that soundtrack. WOW.

9. Princess Jellyfish


I fell so in love with this anime, but sadly it only has one season with no real conclusion. I’m hopping that they will make more, but for now it seems that I will just have to read the manga series online to find anything out.

10. Durarara


The fun-est and creeping-est anime I have watched. I could not look away. Every episode in the beginning is  shown from multiple characters point of view and the series has many plot lines/ stuff going on that needs to be figured out. I know this series has two season out now, I think the second one is out now or will be soon. But after watching the first one and not getting all the answers I need to know, hopefully the second will give me more. But it does seem that the people who make this anime do many more that never really give you any conclusions.

11. Space Dandy


Ok, I had to add this while I was writing up this post because there is no way that I could leave it off the list. I don’t care what kind of anime you guys are into but this is a must watch! But you do have to watch more then one episode to get into it and see all the humor that the creators thought to add. It’s mostly a good handful of different artist and writers that came together for this show and a different one does every episode. Also the characters and plot do spin out of control a lot and have died at time but completely ignore the fact that they have in the next episode. It has two seasons ( the second seems to the funner of the two) , but the end of both season have you cracking up ( especially season two, where it seems that everyone is in it).

What are your top ten  favorite anime? What do you think of my anime fav’s  list? Anything you have seen or will check out? Let me know in the comments!!!


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