Blog Update


Hey guys!

I know that for the past couple of weeks I have not been posting Waiting on Wednesday and Book Reviews. Well The reason for this I have had no time to fit them in to my schedule.

I know I know. I’m sorry, but I have started summer classes at my college so that I can get more credits done sooner. And I am taking a full load, which is almost killing me it feels like.

I also know that I have been posting Manga Mondays and Top Ten Tuesdays. Along with blog tours. Well I had already set all of these up before my summer classes even started so they take me no time at all to do. I can even do it from my phone.

So now on to the bad news. I will be unable to post reviews as I have before. I have three weeks left of my classes and I am trying like crazy to be head on them so that I can be done earlier. Yup that’s right, I’m working my butt for you guys. So that you can read reviews on some great books that I have piled up waiting for me to write about.

Which leads me to the good news, I have had some weird time to read some pretty great books. I have a total of 12 book reviews to get to you guys plus the amazing new stuff I have lined up for the blog, that I know you guys are going to love!

So please just bear with me these next coming weeks, I promise to get my stuff done so that I can post some reviews this up coming weekend!


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