Manga Monday! # 47- Sugar Sugar Rune by Moyoco Anno

Sugar Sugar Rune

Review: I fell in love with this book so many years ago and still remember the characters and the plot. Man, I miss reading a Manga series for the first time. The best part of “Sugar Sugar Rune”, is the art style that the characters are drawn in. I have never seen another manga series like this one before in all my nine years of reading manga.
5 out of 5 stars.
1-8 volumes.
Manga. Shojo. Romance. Magic. Fantasy.
Published by Del Rey.
Summary: QUEEN OF HEARTSLittle witch-girls Chocolat and Vanilla are best friends, but only one of them can be Queen of the Magic World. To determine who deserves the title, they must go to the Human World and enter a strange competition. Whoever attracts the most human boys . . . wins!

Here’s how it works: When a boy falls for a witch-girl, she utters a few mystic words and the boy’s heart will be hers in jewel-like form. It may sound simple, but winning hearts is tricky business. While Chocolat had no problem enticing witch-boys with her forthright personality, human boys seem to be drawn to shy and modest girls like Vanilla. And to make matters worse, Chocolat is finding herself increasingly drawn to the cool and mysterious Pierre–who feels nothing for her! The girls had planned to be best friends forever, but both of them want to be Queen. Will their rivalry ruin their friendship?

-Summary from

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