Manga Monday! # 42- Review of Beast Master by Kyousuke Motomi

Beast Master by Kyousuke Motomi


Review: One of my absolute favorite manga series, ever!! I love hearing other people talk about this short series and talking about it too! The plot and the artwork are great! Its all very light and funny with a hint of danger here and there. The characters just blow you away with how they are and what they do, its so funny how they interact with each other. I have re-read this series about what feels like a million times.

5 out of 5 stars.

1-2 Volumes.

Manga. Young Adult. Romance. High School.

Published by VIZ.

Summary: Leo Aoi looks like a crazy animal with wild eyes–and no one at his new high school will go near him! He does seem to have a special connection with animals though, which intrigues overzealous animal-lover Yuiko Kubozuka. In reality, Leo isn’t as frightening as he appears, but Yuiko finds out that he goes berserk whenever he sees blood! Will Yuiko be able to get through to Leo during these violent fits? Or will Leo’s ferocious side eventually devour her?

-Summary from


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