Manga Monday! # 41- Review of Bloody Kiss by Kazuko Furumiya

Bloody Kiss by Kazuko Furumiya


Review: A nice slow vampire manga romance. Only two volumes with a short romantic plot of a young girl and a vampire. Not many vampire manga out there with a romantic plot, so this series is nice to read to see a different take on the idea.
2 out of 5 stars.
1-2 Volumes.
Manga. Young Adult. Romance. Paranormal.
Published by TokyoPop.
Summary: Kiyo Katsuragi is a young girl still attending school, when she is about to inherit her grandmother’s mansion given to her mother. When she enters, she finds out she is also living in the mansion with two vampires, Kuroboshi and his servant Alshu. Things get even crazier when Kuroboshi decides to make Kiyo his “bride”. A vampire’s “bride” is a female human who will become his only source of blood. Even though Kiyo seems to like Kuroboshi, she gets embarrassed when he tries to suck her blood, which is a problem for Kuroboshi.
-Summary NOT from

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