Naruto Gaiden is out! Chapter Review of 700 + 1

One of the most anticipated manga chapter is now out!

NG 1

Myself, being one of the ones waiting for this chapter.

It is so great except for the whole Sasuke being a jerk to his wife and daughter and not being there when or since Sarada has been born. I think the only things that fans will truly be upset over is the end of the chapter. I know I was, because of what Sarada has found and most likely thinks from it. Which is totally not true! I just really hope Sasuke gets home soon to care for them both and to fix the misunderstanding  for everyone.

Although I was super happy to see all of the other children and their parents again. My favorite being Naruto, it was great to see him hanging out with his son playing tag! So cute!


To read the actual chapter for yourself go here to Manga Stream.


Let me know what you guys think of the chapter and what it could mean for the rest of the short series!


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