Manga Monday! # 37- Review of The Gentlemen’s Alliance †, by Arina Tanemura

The Gentlemen’s Alliance †,  by Arina Tanemura


Review: Great series from Arina Tanemura. It is just long enough with its 11 volumes that it does not leave you hanging. The only problem I had with this series was the ending, it got a little confusing. Although it might just have been my age, and I didn’t get it. So I guess this means a re read!

4 out of 5 stars.

1-11 Volumes.

Manga. Young Adult. Romance. High School.

Published by VIZ.

Summary: From the creator of Full Moon o Sagashite. In return for a business loan of 50 million yen, the prestigious Kamiya family gave their daughter Haine away to the Otomiya family. Haine, now an Otomiya, is appointed to the student council of the exclusive Imperial Academy, a private school for the aristocracy. Even though Haine is of proper lineage to be on the council, she finds herself struggling to find her place among the many secrets of its elite members, especially those of the president who holds her heart–Shizumasa Togu, aka “the Emperor.”

-Summary from


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