Manga Monday! # 32- Review of Cherry Juice by Haruka Fukushima

Cherry Juice by Haruka Fukushima


Review: I love this series, even though it is short, I was so crazy about it back in middle school. It is one of TokyoPop’s better shojo romance’s. The story plot and characters may seem a little childish, but the story all in all is fun to read.

4 out of 5 stars.

1-4 Volumes.

Manga. Young Adult. Romance. Family. High School.

Published byTokyoPop .

Summary: After five awkward years, stepsiblings Minami and Otome are finally getting along, even giving each other romantic advice. However, when Minamis best friend confesses his love for Otome, suddenly the siblings peaceful relationship takes an unpredictable turn, making them wonder with whom they are in love. 

-Summary from


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