Top Ten Tuesday! Feb. 17

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!





February 17: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. I have books everywhere and am running out of space.

I really mean it guys, they are everywhere….

2. Book hangover’s all the time.

Having a book blow up my brain and emotions so that it is not possible to read anything for weeks.

3. Never having the next book in the series.

When I’m really into a book series I will hunt down most of the books in  it and stock pile them till the right time.

4.Having no one to talk to about the book(s) I’m reading.

I have you guys to talk at but its not the same as talking with someone about the same book.

5. Book haul envy

I want all the books…

6. Never having time to read.

Therefor making me put off my homework for classes so that I can read now.

7. Never having anything to read…

When all you do have is the biggest pile of to be read books next to you.

8. Shelving.

Not really knowing where the book should go, ( YA, romance, etc….)

So the book just ends up a shelve till I reorganize all of the shelves just to find it a spot. 

9. Not knowing what to read next.

I have a bunch of books to read, but its hard to choose what to read next. I get this all the time, so sometimes I just wave my hand around and grab what it lands on.

10. Never being in a comfortable spot for long when reading.

The hardest problem for me and mostly likely every other reader out there. 


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