Social Media + Libraries: The Bad Romance Book Match Quiz

So cool! I can’t wait to try it out!

wrapped up in books

I like this blog and all, but I *really* love tumblr. While I contribute to all social media platforms at the library, and think they all have their uses, tumblr is my favorite.

While the rest of our social media presence tends to be focused on our local community, highlighting our programs as well as other things happening in the our community, on tumblr, we have a broader reach. While we do have local followers, we are also part of the wider bookish community.

I’ve lead workshops on how to do readers’ advisory on tumblr before, and you can see my slides and notes from that session here. Now that I feel like we’ve got the basics down, and I’ve even got some of our readers’ services staff contributing readers’ advisory graphics, I wanted to think of ways to collaborate with other libraries. The idea is, if we work…

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