Blog Post-Anime/ Manga News

So this past week there was some new in the Anime/ Manga community


The last Naruto manga Volume 72 will be coming out Feb. 4 along with Kakashi’s novel. Yep, that’s right novel. Which is also a small series of them about different Naruto characters.

The release list


Kakashi- Feb 4

Shikamaru- March

Akatsuki ( the ones still alive)- April

Garra- June

Sakura- July

The rest of the leaf village ( it’s more than one character)- August

There will also be one last Naruto art book being released this year ( I’m not sure when) But the cover/ title of it has been released.


Also for something fun that I found


On to other news

Attack on Titian will no longer be shown on Toonami

I have no clue why, ( if any of you know, let me know please).

There will also be a real life video game of Attack on Titian, called Attack on Titan Real Escape Game,.

To know more about it and what cities it will be coming to go to the link here

So that’s it for now……


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