Manga Monday! # 28- Review of Mamotte! Lollipop

Mamotte! Lollipop by Michiyo Kikuta


Review: One of my favorite old Shojo mangas! Fun, full of humor and magic. What more could a girl ask for? Oh that’s right! Cute Boys! Well good thin Nina has lots to chose from ( just kidding there is no love triangle in this manga).

The artwork is also pretty great and is able to convey what the characters are feeling at any given moment.

5 out of 5 stars.

1-7 volumes.

Manga. Shojo. Romance. Magic. Fantasy.

Published by Del Rey.

Summary: BOY CRAZY

Junior high schooler Nina is ready to fall in love. She’s looking for a boy who’s cute and sweet–and strong enough to support her when the chips are down. But what happens when Nina’s dream comes true . . . twice? One day, two cute boys literally fall from the sky: they’re both wizards and they’ve come to the Human World to take the Magic Exam. The boys’ success on this test depends on protecting Nina from evil, so now Nina has a pair of cute magical boys chasing her everywhere she goes! One of these wizards just might be the boy of her dreams . . . but which one?

-Summary from



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