Top Ten Tuesday! Jan.20

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!





FREEBIE- So I will be listing my Top Ten things I am so ready for, for this year!

1. Naruto: The Last Movie

I am so ready to go see this movie! I already have my ticket for Friday Feb 20th, for the Seattle showing. I may just pass out I’m so excited.

2. Book Signings

I already have two lined up so far, and hopefully wont have to wait long for more to be announced. Check my Author signings page for more info for signings in the Seattle area.

3. Conventions

My favorite parts of the year. I love going to conventions with my friends and family. I feel like they are the only days where I am truly a nerd/geek and I love it. So far I am going to Sakura-con, and Emerald city comic con. Both in Seattle and during my spring break! 

4. Having more time for the blog

I am really hoping to expand on my blog more and doing other things then review and weekly themes. I would love to do an update on to make it easier for people to navigate.

5. Great books

There are a crazy amount of books coming out this year, and I so want to read them all! But right now since not much is out yet, I am trying to catch up on some other books I have laying around.

6. Movies

Wow, there are some great movies coming out this year. And with them I hope to re start up my movie reviews again. I have seen a lot of movies I just get really lazy when I get home.

7. Organization

Inventory of all the books that are trying to take over my house. You would not believe how many I have and the weird places I put them. I have so many books and Manga every where. I really need to go through them and figure out a better way for them to live. 

8. Manga/ Anime

I plan to finish most of my shojo series off this year and catch up with series that have blow way by me. And by catch up I mean got the rest of the volumes. I love owning manga because then I re read when ever and where ever.

9. Dramas

I am really hoping to finish up the four Korean Dramas that I have started years ago. Also start on some new ones.

10. Making new friends in the book community

This may be my biggest goal, I love the book community but when it comes to talking and hanging out with others in it. I get shy and don’t even try sometimes. I am really hoping to change that this year!

What are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments!


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