Manga Monday! #24-Review of Kamichama Karin by Koge-Donbo*

Kamichama Karin by Koge-Donbo*


Review: The sweetest, cutest manga you might ever read. Why you ask, well just look at the art or the front cover. So yes the characters are just as adorable as they are drawn. The plot is ever cute, I’m not even kidding. Cute is normally not my style, but when I fond this manga my girl sense could not resist everything it is. The outfits they wear are also cute and stylish.

3 out of 5 stars.

1-7 volumes.

Young Adult. Manga. Shojo. Magic. Romance.

Published by  TokyoPop .

Summary: Karin is an average girl…at best. She’s not good at sports and gets terrible grades. On top of all that, her parents are dead and her beloved cat Shi-chan just died, too. She is miserable…but everything is about to change. Little does Karin know that her mother’s ring has the power to make her a goddess!  


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