Manga Monday! # 22- Rasetsu by Chika Shiomi

Rasetsu  by Chika Shiomi


Review: I  really liked how dark the plot was and how the whole time you are trying to figure out who the bad guy is. Trying to figure out which character was the bad guy was, was driving me up the walls. I could not wait till the series finished to read all of it. The main character was also a big plus for me, I really liked her and her attitude! So great!

3 out of 5 stars.

1-9 volumes.

Manga. Romance. Young Adult. Fantasy. Shojo.

Published by VIZ.

Summary:  Rasetsu Hyuga works for an exorcist agency where she uses her special powers to banish evil spirits. There’s a story behind the red flower mark on her chest though — it’s a momento left by a powerful spirit who vowed to claim her on her 20th birthday. Unless Rasetsu can find true love by then, she is fated to become his.

Yako Hoshino, a young man with spiritual powers of his own, comes to the agency seeking help with a possessed book. He’s seen a lot of strange phenomena in his day, but the last thing he expects to see is Rasetsu bearing a striking resemblance to his old love Yurura!


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