Review of Naruto chapter 699


Review of chapter 699: Ugh, nope. I still don’t want to write this post. My reason why is because than its over. I really don’t want it to be.

Anyway chapter 699-The whole chapter is from Sasuke’s point of view. Which is pretty cool because throughout the whole series he barley talks or reflects on his life. The only we readers get from him is Revenge! Blah!

But it was really great to see from his view point. We also get to see how he and Naruto are dealing with losing their arms. It seems that Sasuke want to keep it as is and Naruto gets some sort of replacement. Which is good. I think Sasuke didn’t want to get an arm because he felt that if he get it he would do bad all over again and have the power overtake him.

We also get to see some faces that we have not seen for years, because we were in other areas of the battle. We get to see everyone go home and have a funeral for Neji. Still sad about that.


Also we learn that Kakashi Hatake becomes that next Hokage ( The 5th). Which is ok, because Naruto still needs to learn something’s become that next step. Even though I’m still a little ticked about it. This in turn means that he was able to pardon Sasuke. Then Sasuke leaves again, but will come home this time because he just wants to see the world without bias eyes. The only thing I was doing at this time was yelling thank god that he is back to normal! Whoo!

Sakura does try to go with him but he pokes her in the forehead like his brother did to him and told her “I’ll see you when I get back”. Word by word I kid you not. Although this was as close as we will see Sasuke give affection! I’m still shipping Sasuke and Sakura!!!! All the way…

Then lastly the moment before he leaves we get to see a nice moment between him and Naruto and his old headband. Yup.

I know that many feel that the ending was rushed but guys the war has been going on for years. Not in  the manga ( its only been about a day) but to the readers it has been a long ass arc. I do feel that some things we left out but its ok as long as the Last movie and chapter 700 fills in the blanks.


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