NARUTO CountDown! 0 Days Left


Yeah I know I’m a day late, I was in Seattle yesterday. All Day. Sorry. I am also sorry for no Manga Monday yesterday, but next week there will be one!

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well, even though the series is over. Me, myself and I are barley holding on it seems like.

Anyway to my first memory with Naruto. Or should I say my first day?

Almost nine years ago to the day, I was at school in 5th grade. when a close friend of mine, came up to me and was talking about a show called Naruto. I had heard little about it and seen the commercials. She told me to watch it, but I said it was stupid and did not even look good.

She just looked at me and said to give it a try.

Later that day at 5pm when it was on, I took a look. And then I started yelling at the TV. Now if any of you remember Haku, well I do. He was my first favorite character. I cant even tell you why, I just remember that I really liked him and thought he was cool.

But I also thought He was a She. That was why I was yelling at the TV.

So everyday after if I was at home of my grandmas, I would watch the show. My Grandma actually really likes it too. She thinks its funny.

But on that first day I saw a my first favorite character, my first couple I shipped ( wanted together was a burning intensity of a thousands suns) Sasuke and Sakura.  And I also saw a kid who had been told most of his life that he would be nothing, but he still had his dream to be the best and prove everyone wrong.

I don’t think I have had a day like that since.

 To me it almost feels like falling in love, because man what a sucker punch!

A manga has never changed my life as much as this one did, and I am so  happy it did.




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