NARUTO CountDown! 4 Days Left


Yes, I know I did not do day 5, but my power went out.

Although, I don’t know if even then I would have been able to.

If you have guessed I have read the last two chapters of Naruto. I’m still very shocked that my ship’s ARE REAL!!!!!

And that its all over. Ugh, I will post my review on the last two chapters tomorrow, because, well I need more time.

Anyway. Another thing that I got from Naruto was….

To never give up and to always believe in yourself, no matter what!

Which is and can be very inspiring to a 12 year old girl, who had been told that she would not be much in her life.

So, I think what I am saying is, never give up on your dreams because if a fictional character can do, you sure as hell can too!

P.S Only one of the pictures from the leaks that I posted was not real. If you don’t know which it was, it was Sasuke and Sakura kissing. ( Don’t let that fool you, they do end up together!)



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