NARUTO CountDown! 6 Days Left


Happy 6 days left…

I know if any of you are feeling like me today ( who are waiting for the final two chapters to be posted in English), you might be losing your cool. I know I am. I have cried so many times today and it is only noon so far. I’m just ready for the chapter to be uploaded.


If any of you have been online there has been a number of leaks for the last chapters and for the last movie last night and today. I have looked at all of them, and I can now say I WANT THE LAST CHAPTER NOW PLEASE!!!!

Because the leaks have been about everyone growing older, Naruto has a some what right arm, cant really tell. But I have see pictures of the children. I am still crying with happiness ( even though I’m not sure if its real yet). But I’m holding out hope about the kids.

Also there has been news  about the spin off series of Naruto. It will be years in the future but mostly about a young boy ( Naruto’s son) and a little about his dad. So yep, lots of water works today.

Here are some links to the leaks and some pictures

here article this is about the last movie and here is a preview of it

and here article is about the spin off.

Oh and before I forget the big news about the movie other then the fact that all of the characters have new designs, the author of Naruto has confirmed that the movie is about LOVE. Mostly Naruto and Hinata!!!!!!!!!



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