NARUTO CountDown! 9 Days Left


Awww only 9 days left…..


The first one is…..

Naruto & Hinata


Yup, and I’m sure you all know why.

1- because Hinata deserves to be with the guy she has stalked for all of the 15 years that Naruto has been out.

2- she has suffered blushing to the extreme


4- and lastly Fainting at most times

The biggest reason that I would love to have these two get together ( other then their children would be the GREATEST/ CUTEST), is that I think they would be able to help each other. ( Hinata would be able to tone Naruto down a bit and Naruto would be able to get Hinata to open up more and speak her mind) .

Also another fun fact of why I love them is when Hinata told Naruto she loved him, made me cry because I never thought she would do it and I was just so proud of her for stating her true feelings! By the way Hinata was the first person in the series that told Naruto that they loved him for him, I mean did you see his face??!! Then when he thought she was hurt, he went all 8, yes that’s right EIGHT TAILS on everyone. Which lead him to finding out and meeting his parents.

Now on to my final ship for the countdown and this next ship is also the first ship I had for the series and the first one I have EVER HAD……



Yeah I know what some or all of you think. But can you really blame me?

Because if they were together, it would be great and their kids would be too!

Not enough for you?

Well I will show you the moment when little me at 12 years old saw Naruto for the first time and it was toward the end of the episode….

well I cant find the picture so here is the link to the episode at 9.20 in the episode is the part I first saw. like EVER.

The artwork was a little different too…

But young me was like ” wow, the guy with blue hair really loves the girl with pink hair.

I know its a little stupid now, but back then it was the best.

I even thought that they were dating after that for a while then I found out nope.

But yeah, this was also the episode that started it all for me….

Also another funny fact is how I had to defend this ship the past 8 years, it kind of felt like fighting a very long battle or like this


yup, so that’s it for today. And tomorrow I will post something else for the countdown, I’m just not to sure what.


If any of you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments!


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