Review of Chapter 698 of Naruto

For these last two chapters I have decided to review them for old times sake.

So here we go…

Review: I was holding my breath the entire time! I was freaking out like crazy because of how the last chapter had ended, and I had come up with about a thousand different ways this chapter could go. But I’m very. very happy that the chapter did not go in any of the ways I thought.

I think I started crying about two pages into the new chapter, just casus Naruto fought back. I mean, I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by him. But WOW. Every time, he still gets me.

The artwork done in this chapter was truly great, I love how in crucial moments Kishimoto, is able to change everything into such fine detail that you can see everything so much clearer. I love all his artwork, but what I saw in this chapter blew me away.

What really got me going in this chapter was how much Sasuke was talking, he never talks this much all at once! He is all about the silence. But that’s just part of his appeal.

What we get to find out from Sasuke and Naruto both in this chapter is how much they mean to each other and to what lengths they will go for one another. It’s nothing romantic, go calm yourselfs, fangirls. Back way. From the screen. There is only one chapter left, so we must all come to reality about our ships and that they most likely will not happen. ( I’m coming to it slowly)

There is one page that came up on my computer screen, That had my crying like crazy. This is because only the top half was showing. It was of Sasuke and Naruto next to each other with their eyes closed. I thought it was the end as I knew it. Thank god, that I scrolled down or I would have never gotten out of my coner ever again!

The last page of the chapter will take your breath away. In more ways then one. Trust me. ( if you know what I’m talking about, please message me! I’m dying to talk to someone about it!)

But because of what Naruto and Sasuke both lost in their finale battle, they will still have to face many more challenges and loss. In a way though, I am happy it was just the thing they lost and not their lives. But I still mourn what they will have to face and might have to give up completely.


Here is the link from the newest chapter of Naruto!

Hey let me know what you guys think of my chapter review and if you would like more of them! Also After you guys read the latest chapter of Naruto, Talk to me about!




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