Manga Monday #7- Review of Ranma ½, Vol. 1 (Ranma ½ (Ranma ½ (US) #1) by Rumiko Takahashi

Ranma ½, Vol. 1 (Ranma ½ (Ranma ½ (US) #1) by Rumiko Takahashi

1-36 volumes.


Review: If you think you know all about Manga, and have not heard or have read this Manga. Then you know nothing Jon Snow!

This manga is done by the same artist that does Inu Yasha ( another amazing title), and has that classic artwork to it too. The manga is great because the story plot never gets boring and is able to keep you laughing for days. The anime for this manga is also very good, whether it is in dub or not, because both the English and Japanese cast are great. So if you are looking for a classic light hearted manga this is it for you, though the manga is hard to find these days in single volumes because all that VIz is selling of it are the three-in-one big manga of it.

There also seems to be no limit to all the characters introduced into the manga and all of their back stories. I’m still amazed at how Takahashi is able to keep everyone’s story straight, although a lot of the characters look very similar to those in Inu Yasha. Which they could be very distance relatives too…. Even all of the panels have major detail within all of them, such as whenever his dad is a panda he holds up a little board whenever he has something to say. ( And if you pay attention, like I did you might see that his dad is more of a panda then man).

4 out of 5 stars.

36 volumes.

Manga. Young Adult. May be inappropriate for some.

Published by VIZ.

Summary:Years ago, Genma promised his old friend Soun Tendo that Ranma would marry one of Soun’s three daughters, and carry on the family’s martial arts school. Except that the girl picked to be Ranma’s bride doesn’t seem to like him, Ranma keeps getting into fights.. and did we mention that whole changing into a girl thing?

Ranma Saotome never thought a martial arts training mission to China would turn out like this! An accidental dunk in a cursed spring changes boy Ranma into a young girl, every time he is splashed with cold water. Hot water reverses the effect – but only until next time! 


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