Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday!

This is a new thing that I’m going to be doing on the blog, because I have seen it done on many others and I also thought it would be a fun way for my viewers to get to know me!

So, for this Top Ten Tuesday I will be talking about what is driving me nuts this week! Hahaha

1- I just finished Get Even, and I really think I’m losing my mind

That can’t be the end right!!!???

I stayed up late into the night to finish that book to find out who the killer was and came up with SO MANY ideas of who it could be! I really do think my ARC of the book is missing a couple of chapters.

2-I have the biggest stack of books to review I want to cry.

just wait till you guys see what I have to tell you about. some of these books were so great, but with them must come the awful too.

3- Divergent comes out on August 5th!!!

I can’t wait!!!!


4-Rogue By Katy Evans  comes out today. And I WANT IT!!!!!!!!

I keep getting teasers about this book and it really is killing me by not having it yet. I mean, with knowing how the book came to be and how Katy Evans is talking about it, I really just might die. It looks so intense.

5-I’m also trying to catch up on Grays Anatomy, and lets just say I finished season 8 and my ship died.

You know who I mean because really they were the BEST ship on that show!!!

The episode actually made me cry in front of my little sister. I never cry in front of her. NEVER. But I will just say this, “We are meant to be together!” That’s what he told her. Sob. Sob. Sob

6- I used all my money to buy Manga.

Need I say anything more?

7-The 69 book trick.

Yes, I did say 69. Stop smiling!

This trick is when you are not sure of a book you want to buy or read. You turn to page 69 in the book and read that page. If it has you interested, GET THE BOOK. If not, so long book.

It’s driving me nuts because it actually works.

And yes I got this from Tea Time

8-I think I’m going to die before I finish reading what I have on my shelves.

I have 4, yes 4 shelves full of books out in my office waiting for me to get to them. This is not counting the 2 in my room that stare at me while I sleep. It’s like they are talking to me, they keep saying read me! Read me!!!

9-Movie Reviews.

I have seven movie reviews to write up and post, which will soon be eight on Friday. I was just going to post one every Friday but that will take forever and not be current. So I’m going to post them as I feel like it. ( or when ever they get done).

10-I really wish I did not have a life.

I just want to be alone and read and work on my blog sometimes. People bug me a lot, but not the ones who talk good books with me, their ok. But I think every person who likes to read, just likes to be alone with their books for a while without people bugging them.




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