Manga Monday #2 Review of Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 01 (Samurai Deeper Kyo #1)

Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 01 (Samurai Deeper Kyo #1)

Volume 1-38
Review: SDK is one of the best shonen ( boy manga) that I have ever read! There is samurai, epic battles, cool chicks, AMAZING plot, and last but not least everyone has super cool weapons!!! And if you are not interested yet, the main character Kyo and Yuya have the greatest chemistry that I have ever read about. BUT this manga is not a love story, OK. There is hints there and here but it is mostly about Kyo getting his  real body back. Which I might add is really hot and powerful. Anyway the first book pulled me in so much because the story is about this character Kyo and Yuya, but you only see Kyo in the first volume about once ( and he is not even the one on the front cover!). Though, through that book you are just waiting for him and after you see him, he will be all you think about. Trust me. He’s got that kind of pull to him.
Throughout the entire series you will be trying to figure out what happened, everyone’s back story, how Yuya fits into all of it, how everyone is connected, and what Kyo’s next move will be or what is he thinking. All of the characters bring something to the story that makes it and Kyo even better then in the beginning. You also will be shipping pretty hard too.
The artwork is also an added bonus to the great story plot, because the artist was able to capture what the characters feel and their movements in battle very well and the detail is beautiful.
    Another great part of the story is seeing and growing along with the characters as they develop as the story goes on. The story is even able to have funny moments here and there, but mostly during or after some really intense moments.
Ok, this will be my last fan girl moment about Kyo and Yuya. The entire time in the series Kyo does whatever the hell he wants and does not give a damn, and if you try and stop him or take what is his ( which he clearly points out to reads/enemies/ and the people he owns) he will kill you. Yuya is one of those special manga leading characters because she will shoot anyone who try’s to take Kyo away from her or her away from him, hell, she shoots Kyo for trying to protect her ( or it could have been he was groping her at the time).
You need to read this series because if you don’t people will know and so will I and we will point and laugh because you don’t know the AWSOMENESS of KYO!!!!
5 out of 5 stars.
Shonen/ Mature Content
Published by Tokyo POP
Summary: 1604 A.D. Four years after a devastating civil war, Yuya Shiina earns a living by hunting outlaws. When she captures Mibu Kyoshiro for a small bounty, she has no idea about the dark secret he carries within. Kyoshiro shares his body with the spirit of Onime-no-Kyo, a legendary assassin who has killed a thousand men.

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