Hello Everyone!

I’m Ali’s producer, Rylie (Well, it’s probably a little more than producer since I do everything but the reviews or be on camera, but I like the title). 

Ali and I recently went to a New Adult book signing and did some wonderful interviews and got some super cool swag to give away! Once everything is sorted out, I’ll be able to give more information on the swag and who it’s from. I can confirm some swag from :

  • Ryan Winfield
  • Cora Carmack
  • Nicole Williams
  • Jillian Dodd
  • Dina Silver
  • Kristen Proby
  • Tara Sivec
  • Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt (some they both signed, others were individual)
  • Tina Reber

And possibly more! 

Video interviews will also be posted once they are edited!